Paris & My Birthday (Feb 2009)

First, I want to say thank you to everyone who helped make my birthday last week so special. I know some of you made a donation to Respite Care of San Antonio in honor of my birthday, which I hear may be going towards something in the playground for all the kiddos there. Also, some of my fans here made me a really nice photo album. So thank you to everyone — both gifts were very thoughtful and kind.

Don’t worry… I’m going to tell you all about my three-day birthday celebration, but first I have to tell you about mi amiga Amaya and the team’s trip to Orenberg, or at least about the Orenberg airport.

When I got back to Moscow after NBA All-Star Weekend, I went from the airport straight to the Spartak/Valencia game with Ilo and KT to see mi amiga Amaya. She played on my team last year in Moscow and I was sooo excited to see her and catch up with her over dinner. I miss mi amiga!!

The next week, we flew to Orenberg and the Orenberg airport was, um, wow. You can see the picture of Ann, Eddy (with her dang thumbs up sign… ugh) and me standing in front of the Orenberg baggage “shed” (circa 1954?) and another of the entire team freezing in front of the “shed” while we waited for the covered wagon to crawl by with our luggage and put it on the newly remodeled conveyor belt from 1984, probably installed around the same time Rocky IV was filmed (many of my teammates weren’t even born yet then!!). We took lots of pictures while we waited. You can see Shakira, me and JMac rocking the hats and me walking across the “jetway” to the baggage “shed.” Then, we got on the bus that apparently was outfitted with curtains about the same time they built the baggage shed. Aren’t those lovely?

After the trip to Orenberg and three days of the Russian Cup, I flew to Paris where Ann and I got to see Coach Hughes and Olaf. We went on an amazing dinner cruise through Paris. We had a GREAT time!! Then, it was back to Moscow AND… on to the birthday festivities! We went to my favorite Italian restaurant in Moscow – Mario, where I was serenaded by the entertainment for my birthday. They brought a giant piece of tiramisu lit up like the Fourth of July… it was great! And of course, there had to be that one little stubborn candle that took an extra breath of air to go out… and of course when I blew out the mini-bonfire, I also blew the powdery stuff on top of the tiramisu all over the table. Unfortunately I don’t have that picture, but I’m sure somebody there caught all the action. My teammates gave me Rock Band for my birthday so I could practice here (editor’s note: so my band back home can be the most awesomest band ever and beat all challengers and dominate the rock band world). Then, the next night we went out for karaoke! Of course, now that I’m a non-blonde, I paid tribute by kicking off the night with the Four Non-Blondes hit “What’s Up?” Once I kicked the party off brunette-style, we didn’t slow down for a few hours. When we finished blowin’ up the mic, we headed out to the dance floor and that is where the pictures end! But there are a few good shots of us singing karaoke and one of all of us with the owner of the club, who took great care of us.

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