Fires and Family, Becky Checks In From Russia! (April 2009)

Hello everyone.. Its been awhile since my last blog and though I’ve been busy, nothing to terribly exciting has happened over here in Russia, except a part of my building caught on fire.. that was kind of exciting, but then it was just a little annoying because of the heavy smell of smoke. My phone rang, and it was J-Mac asking me if I was in my building. So I said yes, and she says “um do you know its on fire?” I was like ok I’m going outside now and as soon as I opened my door, the smokey smell was pretty heavy.  So I met J down stairs and we had a pretty good chuckle at the fire truck, in J’s words “drove it straight out of a Popeye episode.” Hahaha.. Anyways, it was a good size fire, but my building is huge, so there wasn’t any eminent danger, which is why we could find some comic relief from it. 

So besides lots of practice, and one more game with Spartak, its been pretty chill here.

Sooo I’m going to blog a little bit about my family.  I miss them very much, but we always make a big effort to spend time together whenever we can.  (Link to the pics)

The pictures are from Christmas, so they are the most recent pictures I have of them, since that’s the last time I saw most of them. My brother and nephew were able to make it out to Phoenix though to see me at NBA All Star, so that was great, even though I was very busy there, any time I get to spend with them I’m thankful for. 

As most of you know, I’m from South Dakota, and I wouldn’t change that for anything.  I honestly had sooo much fun growing up as a kid.  My family was very active, and we basically did everything together.  But since we were doing so many fun things together, we all got along great, don’t get me wrong, we had our occasional fights, but I think for the most part we got along great.  Always doing something.. my Dad loves to have fun, and I think everyone loves hanging out with my parents because they’re just fun.. and complete opposites.. my Mom is super social, wear’s her heart on her sleeve, and loves anything that involves her kids or grand-kids.  And my Dad is a dog and kid magnet.  Mostly because he’s super loyal, and consistent, and I don’t know anyone who enjoys life more than he does.  Anyways, they’ve been married for over 35 years, and my grandparents more than 60 years.  My Grandfather and Dad still kiss my Mom and Grandma goodnight every night.  Sooo cute. I’ve had incredible examples in my life of what love looks like.  One of the best ways I was loved, was the way my parents loved each other.  The other being TIME.. they invested so much time with us, and we didn’t mind because it was always fun.  My Dad makes a game of everything, and my Mom always makes sure everyone is attended to and fed well, haha..

Needless to say, I consider my family my biggest blessing in my life, besides my relationship with Jesus.  I’m thankful and humbled by His grace and love that He’s given me.  He’s my ultimate.  Those two things will bring me to tears.. Jesus and my family.. it’s an honor to be Their daughter, and a  sister to my siblings.  They’re the biggest part of me, and quite honestly the best part of me.

I've added some personal never been seen before pictures of me and my family to the photo gallery. I could go on and on and on about my growing up, camping, fishing, 3 wheeling, then 4 wheeling, hunting, scuba diving, pine cone fights, boating, hikes, softball, whiffle ball, football in the park or on the beach, picnics, my Dad teaching us how to catch fish with our hands, and he catching rattle snakes and giving us the up close and personal anatomy of snakes, tubing, canoeing, skiing, wake boarding, a ton of hours on road trips, snow snowmobiling, you name it, we did it.. except sky diving, never did that, but maybe one day.. My Dad used to play basketball with me on his knees in his room with a nerf hoop attached to the top of the door frame, (for me this was as serious as the Finals), once I dunked on that, I asked him if I’d ever be able to dunk on a real hoop.. He just looked at me, and said “No, but work on ruling the ground, not the air.” I can’t even get into all the indoor games we played.. Geeeez, soccer in our basement, wrestling matches, capture the flag, nerf gun wars, sock fights with the entire living room turned into a war zone.. Makes me smile just thinking about it. No wonder my brother and me were ridiculously competitive.. ahaha.. we used to ride 3 wheelers, then 4 wheelers ALL DAY, come home COVERED in mud.. I mean caked!!! We’d hit every mud hole possible, and we’d hit it again, then go find another one, and see who could ride around on 2 wheels the longest.. we’d come home and have to spray each other off with the hose.. Ohh and did I mention we played a little bit of basketball too ;-) )

And I remember if I wanted to go shopping, that was the time to hit Mom up. I remember my Mom took me to Denver, just me and her for a shopping trip.  My Dad wouldn’t think to spend the money on clothes my Mom would.. So Mom was the one to take to the mall definitely!! And of all my sister’s, brother’s, and my games she wouldn’t miss one! Football, softball, track, basketball, my Mom would make her schedule around us, and she actually coached me too.  My Dad’s a pretty sick athlete, but my Mom is a tough cookie and very athletic.  If my Mom tells me she’s hurting, I believe her, she’s got a very high pain tolerance.  My sister Gina ran track, played softball, and played basketball too. In fact when she was a senior, and I was in 7th grade, we went to a small Christian School, and I played on the varsity bball team with her.. Just what every senior girl wants, her little sister on every road trip with her and her H.S. friends, my poor sister, I was always tagging around with her when we’d go into town. But don’t get it twisted both my sister and brother were fiercely protective of me.. My brother punched one of his classmates that pushed me down during a soccer game at recess.. The kids mom was on recess duty and saw the whole thing, so luckily my brother just had to go sit by the wall for the rest of recess.  Me and my brother, well we were just super adventurous, I was basically his little shadow on the court or in the woods. He was better at everything than me.. I was “Matt Hammon’s little sister”, lol.. but now he’s “Becky Hammon’s brother.” My fans have him to thank for my circus shots, because believe me, I ate a lot of those shots in my front yard.. He couldn’t stand it when me and my Dad would beat him and our family friend that was his age, and I couldn’t stand to be blocked!!!! Some things never change.. haha..

Anyways, now I’m just down right rambling.. time to wrap this blog up.. But let me end by saying this, I feel so blessed in this life.. I thank God for them everyday.. everything for me has its foundations in my family.. they’ve loved unconditionally from day one. And every success has their fingerprints all over it, and God’s blessings all around it. It’s humbling to be loved that way. I hope I love the same way. God’s planned purpose for me continues to astonish me, and He’s used everything and everyone in my life to prepare me for it.. I know my name is written on His heart.. He’s fashioned every step, and guarded every journey.. and I’m filled with love and thankfulness for His many blessings.

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