Becky Checks In From Latvia! (June 2009)

Hello from Latvia!! A lot has been happening lately, so I’ll try quickly to get you up to speed.. As most of you know, I had to head over to Latvia for 6 days to compete in the European Championships. Its been an interesting and restless journey over the past month and a half or so trying to figure out what was the “most right” thing to do in this very complex situation. As usual I never take big decisions lightly, and try to consider ALL parties involved. And I have to give a huge thank you to Peter Holt, Coach Hughes, my team mates, and everyone in the Spurs/Stars faculty for making it very obvious that San Antonio truly is the best run organization in the league. Hands down the Best!

Sooo let me rewind a week or so, and lets talk about how awesome it was to see that Western Conference Championship banner hung on Opening night! It looked GREAT up there! The only thing that would look GREATER would be a WNBA Championship banner hanging right next to it! The game itself didn’t get off to such a pretty start, but we hung in there and kept battling, and didn’t let down that great opening night crowd we had. We feed off our fans energy, and they’ve helped us pull through some difficult games down the stretch, and they certainly hung in there with us till the end the other night!

Speaking of hanging in there, my team here in Latvia, just barely pulled out an overtime win against the home town team. Anete Jekabsone-Zogota is a handful to guard defensively. If you’re not familiar with her, you will be this summer as she is signed to play with the CT Sun. Coach T probably fell in love with her as a player at the Olympics as she gave team USA fits defensively in a pre-Olympic tournament game. Although, life is different over in the WNBA for sure, the girl can flat out shoot it! There were over 8,000 people at the gym tonight, almost all cheering against my team, but I love that kind of atmosphere!! Its really unheard of over here in Europe to have that kind of crowd, so it was a great night globally for women’s basketball.

What was similar though in both these games, was the perseverance it took to win. Nothing is easy at this level, you gotta work for everything!! And what I love is during the course of games, is there’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys! Its in those valleys that you learn perseverance, persistence, and patience! And those traits being stretched and prodded in each individual produces strong character, trust in each other so that you can handle the peaks with integrity. Yes, there’s something to be said to being a “good loser”, but you can learn a lot about someone in how they handle winning as well. How you lose can definitely expose some immaturity, but hopefully winning will show your humility even more! For me I’d rather be a gracious loser than an arrogant winner. There’s always more going on beneath the surface of basketball.. there’s life going on, there’s lessons going on, there’s growth going on!! There’s more to life than basketball, so open your eyes, take a look around at how big the world is, and smile knowing that there’s no one on earth quite like YOU!    

I’ve also added some pictures to the photo gallery from my trip back to Moscow from a few weeks back. Along with a great evening at Benihana’s, I got to go home with one of my team mates Sapa! Sapa makes me laugh!!!! Oh my gosh, we had a great time.. Watching her try to grill, is a site!! But I can’t knock her, the chicken was great tasting!! One of my favorite little friends also came over for dinner, Sasha.. She’s adorable, and has a lot of energy!! Once she trusted me enough to jump, we had about 30 jumps together, she couldn’t get enough. I love the way kids trust, its pure and innocent, and we had a blast hanging out! Sapa later took my money at poker, and had me take a picture so she could remember the moment!!

I also added a few pictures that we took this past weekend with my NY girls, and my nieces!! Seeing Shameka trying to teach my little South Dakota nieces how to dance was priceless! Meka’s got more rhythm in her little finger than the my whole clan together, haha.. but we had a great time, and Grandma Hammon, my Mom, my Sister, and my Sister in Law all made a fabulous meal for us all! The NY crew even got my Grandma to join in doing the wave around the kitchen table! PRICELESS MOMENTS!

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