Hello from Jersey (August 2009)

Hello everyone!! I’m writing you all today from my house in Jersey!! I’ve been resting and relaxing, and really not doing too much of anything!! It’s been about 3 years since I’ve had any significant time off, so I’m really enjoying my freedom!! So I’ll just fill you in on a few of the highlights over the past few weeks!

The first place I was off to was back to see my family in South Dakota! The last time I had been back was Christmas time, and so I was really itching to get back and see my nieces and nephews! I attended a few of my nephews football games, along with seeing some of my nieces’ volleyball games, they’re growing up so fast!!! Geez! My nephew is driving and is in H.S. already!!! I can remember when I was in H.S. and college and they were all little kids/babies running around at my games! And of course all my teammates loved having little kids around!!

When I was back one of my highlights was when my niece and nephew took me riding on their horses!! My niece and nephew both participate in rodeos so they were pumped to take me out and show me their skills on the horses. I’ve always loved riding horses and it was a lot of fun to get the horses out on the open prairie and let them run a little!! My nephew actually does steer wrestling and team roping, and he thoroughly enjoyed roping the horse’s legs while we were on them and giving me a minor heart attack! Although I still don’t know how he always managed to get the rope of the legs of the horse before the horse ever noticed the rope was even there!! Needless to say, he likes “horsing” around with his auntie!! The horse’s names were Spinner, Hooker, and Harley. I won’t tell you which one I rode, so we can keep the jokes at a minimum!! haha.. anyways.. the other fun thing we did was go bowling and have a slumber party together!

Cody is also now in SD and the kids have given him the name of “the dog of Love”, and so he slept the entire night cuddled between my two youngest nieces on the floor, tooooo cute!!!

So after a nice little rest in SD I was off to NYC!! It’s always nice to come back and see friends, and go into the city for some entertainment. I recently went to the Pink concert at the Garden, it was quite a show!! I love seeing concerts at the Garden! I’ve seen Madonna a few times, NSYNC (yea I said it!), Cher, Whitney Houston (in the theatre), and a few others.. I think in another lifetime I’ll be an entertainer!! I love the shows they put on! I could sit and watch people dance for hours!

Sooo that’s what’s been going on in my world!! I’m going to continue to rest my mind and body til something interesting pops up, then I’ll be off doing whatever that is!

Til next time.. Blessings, Becky

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