See What Your Present Is Today (November 2009)

Que pasa?? I hope my first blog from Spain finds everyone around the world happy and grateful. Grateful for what? You know the old saying, count your blessings, count them one by one… etc etc.. And since Thanksgiving is around the corner, I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am, for my family, friends, health, job, and sometimes even to say thank you for the very air I breathe.

When we wake up each morning, we are presented with the “present”… every moment of now is a gift, and our thought process in the now determines a lot of how our day might go, or even how our week, our year, our whole life might go. It’s true that life is bound to bring us all some pain at some point, we’re human. It’s the very nature of the world we live in. Life isn’t easy all the time, in fact sometimes it’s flat out hard and unfair… BUT even then, we have the gift of the “present”.

I like saying “present” because that’s what it truly is! You’ll never get another chance at “NOW”!! So how do we make the most of our “NOW,” which is a present?? In my opinion, let’s look for the answer where everything starts… in your head! Your thoughts!! Our thoughts are extremely important, thoughts can either kick your butt, or you can use them to kick butt! In your mind is where seeds are planted. Time is the watering of the seed, and all this can give life (action) to your original thought.

Think back to the old school bully…. in the 5th grade he was 5'ft tall, freckles, and loved eating your pudding snack pack!! In fact the more you thought of this old bully, the bigger he got in your mind, you thought of him so much, that by the time he was done stealing all your pudding snack packs, he was 8ft tall, with fangs and a pitchfork… you get the point right? Well the same can work in a positive way. When we get up in the morning, we have choices, I’m not just talking about the choice of what cereal to eat, or shoes to wear… try to find a blessing every morning when you wake up. Try to find your “present” each day.

Some days it might be hard I know, but choose to look at things as the glass always being half full… yes, choose.

Choose to have a good attitude when things are going wrong… after all, anyone can have a good attitude when things are going good, but the beauty is finding how you’ve “WON” your “NOW”.

Choose to see the butterfly instead of that giant worm looking you in the face. Give it a little time and watch how beautiful your present can be.

So yes it’s true, life will at some point bring us some pain, but it’s also equally as true to provide us with moments that take our breath away. So take a deep breath in and see what your present is today.

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