A Day in the Life of Becky (June 2010)

Hey Fans… hope this finds everyone around the world happy and healthy!! There’s been a lot going on lately, my life always seems to be on the go once season starts!! I think some people think, well, all you have to do if you’re an athlete is show up to practice for a couple hours a day and bounce, and have the rest of the day to do whatever you want… haha.. I wish it was like that! So I thought, being that I seem like I’ve been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I thought I’d walk you through one of my typical days. A day in the life of an athlete, well maybe not every athlete, but one of my days, lol.

On most days I’ll get up a little before 9 am or so, get dressed to go to practice and do all those other things that most everyone does in the morning, like eat, brush my teeth, etc! Ohh and I also have to take Cody for a little walk too, before I head out the door, of course, coffee in hand!! The coffee is a MUST! Then I’m off to practice at around 9:45 or so. Once I’m at our practice facility, most days I’ll get treatment first, stem, ultra-sound, and heat my muscles up a bit with heat packs. It’s funny I recall when I was in my 20’s looking at the older players, and being like, “dannng, you guys are always in the darn training room.”

And now…. well lets just say, I completely understand!! Two ice bags isn’t enough, now we take “ice baths”, VJ used to be a trooper in the ice bath department. She’d sit all the way down to her neck in the bath, and Sophia too, they’re either super tough, or super sore, haha… I hate ice bath’s, but I gotta do em now too!! After treatment, it’ll be about 11 which is practice time, so we’ll either watch film first and then go on the court, or just head straight to the court. So practice on a normal day, runs about 2-21/2hrs or so, and after practice, most players will get some extra work on the court, or hit the weight room for about 40 minutes or so, then if you feel like you need any extra cardio, you gotta get that in too!! Then, many of us, will get some more treatment (yes our trainer is not only the BEST, but she’s ridiculously busy with all of us to attend too!!) So now its about 2:30 or 3, and most all of players normally have about a 20 minutes commute. After we’ve done our responsibilities on the court/wt. room, we’ll normally have a little bit of media to attend to, or at least a couple of us will have some kind of appearance we’re headed off too, or we’ll have some kind of league mandated meeting, players union meeting, blah blah blah. As you can imagine, some of us are very grumpy by the time 3pm rolls around, you notice, there was no snack break, or lunch break in there, and after working out, we’re all very hungry. That’s normally the first thing everyone’s thinking about-FOOD!! Some of our days are long, and some of them are short, depending on our individual and team scheduled events. Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely not complaining, I prefer to be busy than bored, but I did want to shed some light on what one of our typical days looks like.

Obviously after practice is when everyone has to take care of whatever personal business they need to attend too.. And I know, after a tiring day at the gym, I love to come home and see Cody!!! My dad recently drove him down for me from SD, and they pulled in to my house a few weeks ago at about 3 am. I was expecting them, but I didn’t expect to hear Cody going ballistic in my garage that night!! Haha.. my dad said he was tired and had basically been sleeping the whole car ride down, and when they pulled in to my house, my dad let him out, Cody took a quick peepee, but was sleepy from having just woke up. Well they come into my garage, start to walk up the stairs, and Cody just starts howling, jumping in circles, going crazy, I guess he figured out where he was and who was inside!! He could probably smell my scent on the stairs, and he completely lost it!! I loved it!! It made my week!!! He was like, “Mommy’s inside!!!” So once I let them inside, I laid on the floor with him for about 15 minutes while he moaned/growled like he’d had such a rough life since I was away. Haha.. then he was attached to my hip for the next few days, haha.. He’s the best dog in the universe, and not spoiled at all.. haha.. NOT, he’s super spoiled, but he’s well behaved and has a super sweet personality!! And I’m not biased at all!! ;-) 

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