TIME (November 2010)

Time stops for no one.  It has no beginning or end.  Nor does it listen to requests to slow down, or speed up. It’s perfectly steady and stable. And there never seems to be enough of it!

Time… it calls to judgment moments of our lives that make us who we are or break us.  In a second your life can be changed drastically, and at other times you can work for years and never see any change.  There’s about time, almost time, spare time, free time, and I always have time for you. Time restores us, but also ages us.  And at times even us adults are in need of a little “time out”.  “Good times”, “Bad times”, “Crazy times”, “Multiple times”, and “Sad times” are the ones our mind never lets us forget! 

We even have time on our hands!  We can be strengthened over time, or become weary over time.  Timing can be perfect, and also couldn’t have shown up at worse time.  It heals us, but can destroy us.  We waste time, then we chase time.  Time always eventually uncovers the truth.  We have seconds when time stands still. 

Time is our journey’s pace, even though it feels like we’re always running out of it!  We’d love to travel back in it, as well as explore its future.  Time never allows us to be two places at once.  Time does allow for us opportunities today to do something great, forget something horrible from yesterday, and the hope that the best is still yet to come!  It never sleeps or slumbers, and is kept perfectly in sync.  Time is our life, or is it the time of our life? 

Whitney Houston wants, “One Moment in Time”, but I want many moments in time!  It says when we begin, when we end, and sets the course of our life’s walk.  It’s like a Ferris wheel ride taking you to the lowest point, and then returning you to the best views, but it’s a ride you can’t get off till its “your time”.  We try to make more of it, we try to forget it, try to capture it.  We keep it on our wrist, we keep it on our phones, we keep it in our minds, we keep it in our hearts, we keep it in the car, and we hang it on a wall. 

Our life keeps its schedules by it.  We manage it, we balance it, we lose track of it, we juggle it, and sometimes we even try to buy it.  There’s precious times that take our breath away, and difficult times that make it hard to breathe at all.  Times when we’ve had enough, and times we can’t get enough!  Our treasures are hidden in our time, where are heart is, will be where our time is. 

Its been said that “time is money”, but I say it’s the moments that are “priceless”.  We have free time, yet are slaves to time! 

We work all the time, so we can have a little “down time”.  It stands still and flies. 

Time is something we all face through our lives.  We can’t see it, touch it, hold it, smell or taste it, but we see its effects everywhere in our life.  We’re told to grow up, and stay young at heart all in the same sentence. It’s time to inhale and hold your breath as you hope for the best, or it’s time to exhale and just let it all go.

Or just stop.. “Hammertime!”

It can be wasted, and it can be cherished, but one thing it can never be is bottled.  It’s time to rise, time to fall, time to sleep, time to wake-up, time to laugh, time for a good cry, time to talk, but take more time to listen.  Time to try harder, time to give up, a time to live, and of course a time to die. 

Time is appointed to us all, and not one of can control what the “alarm” is set for.  Sometimes we have to live it by the second, and other times we watch as years pass us by, and wonder where the time went?  By the blink of an eye, or frozen in time, it amazes us one second, and disappoints us the next. 

We know how to pass time, but we don’t know how to catch time, instead time seems to catch up with us.  Time is our greatest teacher.  Past times teach us not to make future mistakes, and there’s no substitute for experiences.  It always speeds up in the good times, and goes slow during the bad times.  But this too shall pass.  But if you’re stuck in time, might be time to make up your mind to move on. 

There’s a few things that none of us can escape about time. Time will most certainly bring you pain, challenges, peace, war, and love.  Be open to them all, but discerning about which one you will allow yourself to dwell on. Behind the times, ahead of the times, past, present, future, we have to own it all eventually.  It changes us… for better or worse, in sickness and in health, we say yes and we say no to who we want to spend our life’s moments with.  And we celebrate when we do find the one who we will spend the rest of our time with.  The question is the who or the what will get your time? 

Eternity is right around the corner for us all, it might be a second, minute, or even a decades away.  There’s no way of knowing what time will bring, but one things for sure you either just wasted 5 minutes of your life reading this, or you’ll use this time to help you remember that you own your time, not that your time owns you.  Moments in time are what define who we are, and who we will become. 

Our universe revolves in perfect precision, hanging delicately in perfect balance.  The sun most certainly will set today, but tomorrow it most certainly will rise again all according to time.  Stars will fall, the moon be blacked out all according to the Master’s watch. Seasons will come, and seasons will go, and whether it rains, or it snows, the wind blows, or is calm, the sun shines, and the sun sometimes hides, but wouldn’t it be great to have a meteorologist for it all?  Stormy weather is ahead?  Or peaceful mornings are on the horizon. 

So ask yourself, when life’s timed test is all said and done, and the Ferris wheel stops going around, how much did you love?  How much did you laugh? How much time did you give to others?  How many times will you be able to say, “I did my best” or that “I could’ve given more”.  What kind of ride will you have went on, and what view did you look at the most?  What would be your grade on this timed test? 

Do you know the Maker of Time?  I can promise He knows you!  And when He asks, “What did you do with the time I gave you?”, what will be your answer?  Maybe take your time and think it over.

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