One Moment in Time (February 2012)

Hello Fans!! I know many of you have been waiting for some time for me to write a blog, and I always tell people that I have to be able to blog about something that I’m feeling, or something that genuinely touches my heart… So here I am, blogging, and in ways thinking out loud on this sheet of paper about the loss of Whitney Houston.

Let me just start by saying, I love Whitney Houston!!! “I Will Always Love You!!” By far, my favorite artist of all time! I recall listening to “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” on my yearly summer vacations out to Connecticut where my parents both grew up! In the back of the car, jamming with my walk man cranked up! Back when we had tapes, and puffy head phones that didn’t fit your head very well.. The Angelic choirs just got some serious competition with Whitney’s arrival in heaven! Her voice was the standard. It’s the bar that all other musicians are compared too. Just WOW, her voice was amazing! Her music touches my soul!!

I remember sitting at my first WNBA All Star game in Madison Square Garden. I was a rookie and never had imagined that I’d be sitting there, front and center, with a sold out crowd, waiting for Whitney Houston to come out and sing the National Anthem. After all she does hold the title for greatest rendition of our National Anthem EVER!!! Most basketball fans were probably stoked about the first ever women’s professional All Star basketball game ever to be played on the greatest basketball stage in the world, but if I’m speaking honestly, I was more excited for Whitney!! The game was historic too, but Whitney Houston! OMG! I only got to see her live in concert one time, but I’ll never forget it!! I cried when she came on Oprah a few years back!! People ask me all the time if I get nervous meeting “famous people”, and its always no, but with Whitney, it would’ve been a loud YES!!

I could run down all the great songs, movies, etc that she put out, but we all know that she was beyond talented and blessed! But the one thing that seemed to elude her was some peace. She had more money than she knew what to do with, fame, she was beautiful, and a smile that literally lit up the world. She did everything she was told to do to be successful, but some how inside she seemed quite empty.. All the money, fame, houses, cars, etc can’t get you peace and happiness. I do believe wholeheartedly that Whitney Houston has found her Peace, I do believe she’s in heaven, probably singing her heart out to “Jesus Loves Me”!

Whitney is great now, but we’re left with sad faces and heavy hearts at her sudden death.. And like Michael Jackson, I see so many articles of writers being apologetic for all the times they made fun of them. Laughed at their heart ache, at their struggles with drugs, snickered and gossiped as we hail people to the top, only to enjoy watching them fall from our graces.. Why? Why do we do that? Why is that okay in our society? To kick people when they’re already at their lowest, as if we ourselves just have everything in our life so put together! We mock and ridicule forgetting that, even the most talented people, at the end of the day are still just PEOPLE! Flesh and blood, with real feelings, and real problems, just like the rest of us have! Bullying seems to be at the fore front of so many conversations, and people say “ahh kids can be so cruel!”, really? Just the kids? Really? It’s modern day bullying on a national level, a public spectacle at someone else expense, via the internet or magazines. It’s a billion dollar industry! Professional mockers.

People can be so cutting with their words. I’d rather be punched in the stomach I think than be cut to pieces by someone’s words that I care about! Its such a tragic reminder that life only happens once, and that it can end in a blink of an eye. So instead of sitting back and not being able to apologize to the people we made fun off, or laughed at, let’s learn to be kinder to one another, now in the present, while we’re still on this earth… while it’s still in your power to act, tell the person you love, that you love them… ask the person you wronged to forgive you, because you may not have that opportunity tomorrow, or even ten minutes from now. You just never know when it’s your day to go home!

Lastly, kids and even adults… listen to me carefully… drugs will drag you to an early grave, and leave a trail of carnage like a tornado through your life and family. Be careful of the company you choose to hang out with!! Your friends do influence you, so make sure they influence you in directions that you want to go in!! I’m VERY careful about the people that I choose to hang out with, even as an adult, it’s critical! Hollywood continues to stack the bodies of the world’s most famous and most talented people to walk the earth. People think they can play with fire and that they’d never get addicted, that things like this only happen to other people, but in the end it drags them all down. They’re not calling the shots anymore, the drugs run their lives. No one tries drugs with the intentions of getting addicted, it all starts out as just innocently wanting to “try” it, but no one, no one knows where that line is, no one knows when you cross over it, and no one knows which time, will be their last time.

Sorry to be dramatic and blunt, but we seem to be missing something here! I’ve said this in private conversations with friends and family, and I’ll say it now, no one ever gets up in the morning thinking, “this is the last day of my life”, but what if it was? What would you have done differently, what would you have said more? What regrets would you have? Life is precious, here today, gone tomorrow… take care of your today, because none of us is promised tomorrow!

RIP: Whitney Houston “And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone (or anything) snatch them out of My hand. My Father, who has given them to Me, is GREATER than all; and NO ONE is able to snatch them out of My Father’s Hand.” John 10:28-29

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