Let's Pay It Forward (April 2013)

Hello fans from around the world!! I wanted to write up a special thank you to all my Russian fans especially!! You guys have been great over the past 7 years or so!! Your support, love, and words have truly been a blessing!! You guys have been extremely creative in some of the gift ideas over the years!! And a fireworks display for my birthday was over the top, but truly original, appreciated and special!! Spacebo bashoi!! I've now accumulated so many gifts from all of you that I will have a tough time getting all of them back to America!! You guys will certainly have a special corner in my house with all the great gifts you've given me over the years.. so thank you!! 

Also, if you want to give me any more gifts, I'd ask that you don't give it to me, rather give the gifts or the money to someone less fortunate than yourselves!! In America, we call this "paying it forward".. it's when you do a random act of kindness for a stranger, you bless them, you help them, etc.. and it doesn't have to be just with monetarily things, it can be as easy as holding a door open for someone else, or maybe helping an older person carry their groceries!! These kind actions often have a rippling effect on that person, which in pacts and may prompt them to help someone else.. it becomes a giant domino effect of kindness!! If everyone did this at least once a day, our world could be changed for the better, thinking of ways to help someone else, someone who can never pay you back, you just do it because its the right thing to do!! The funny thing is about helping other people, the person who gives of themselves or of their time, resources, etc, are actually the ones who become blessed!! Its truly better to give than receive!! 

Sooo fans of Russia, and of the world, that's my challenge to you all. Do one act everyday that helps or blesses someone else, and do it without any expectation from the other person, you just do it because its the right thing to do, not because you need a reward. You're biggest reward, might only be a thank you, may not be anything, but smile and be kind anyways!! Your kindness has changed and blessed me, now do it for someone else, and watch how your world can be changed for the better!!! Blessings!! And thank you again all my fans of Russia!!

On another note, I wanted to drop a link on my website about a product that I've been taking for the past few years or so and have seen pretty amazing results with. Its a product called Advocare, and I take it daily!! It's been a career prolonging product for me, and has helped on just making me an over all healthier person!! Here's the link https://www.advocare.com/121214657/default.aspx.  

I suggest trying a few products see how you like it and how your body responds, and if you like your results, great, if not, you don't have to ever try em again!! Lol!  There are different lines of products, there's a (weight loss) TRIM line, ACTIVE line, WELLNESS line, and PERFORMANCE ELITE line...So whatever you're goals may be, this is a great product to get you started and to sustain you on your journey to becoming a happier, healthier YOU!!  I love the products!! A SPARK drink before a game or practice is my favorite!! Many of my teammates from all over have come to fall in love with them as well and you know I'm not putting my name behind it if I don't believe in it!! haha!! Anyways, hope you'll all try it out!!

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