Resiliency (August 2013)


1. the power or ability to return to the original form, position, etc., after being bent, compressed, or stretched; elasticity

2. ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like; buoyancy

Hey everyone!! Hope you all are having a blessed day and week!! It’s almost over and the weekend is almost here!!!  Just wanted to give you all a short update on where I am in the recovery process!! 

I am now four weeks and a day out of surgery and my knee is coming along great!! It has moments of looking like a normal knee again!! My knee feels best in the morning, when my swelling is at a minimum. Throughout the day obviously from walking, exercising, and daily movements my knee by the end of the day is pretty swollen again!  Icing is my new best friend!! Haha! I've got almost complete range of motion in my knee, and now am focused on building up strength and endurance in my muscles around the knee.  

One of the ways I can exercise is by swimming! So the other day I decided to go for a little swim in my back yard, and on about my 5th lap, I felt a pop in the back of my knee. The pop def caught me by surprise, so I let out a little "ouch", which if anyone has ever been around me when I physically hurt myself, I generally don't let out a peep, lol! I don't know why, but I'm just not an outwardly expressive person when it comes to physical pain anyways, so I think the “ouch” was more of a surprise than anything. 

But since I did have some pain with the pop I decided that was the end of swimming for the day.  I did continue to have some pain throughout the rest of the day. I was a little concerned, just because I don't want to have to deal with any setbacks in my recovery, although, I did think it was my hamstring, I didn't know exactly what the pop was!! 

So anyways after visiting with my doctor, we all took a huge sigh of relief when he informed me that is was indeed my hamstring scar tissue breaking up and that I can be expecting a few more pops, and snaps as scar tissue breaks and swelling moves around and out of my knee area eventually!!  I told my doctor, "thank you Jesus, but Doc you could've told me sooner about the 'pops and snaps'"!! 

After having a month to sit back and process and analyze the whole situation, I'm feeling overly blessed and optimistic!  I look forward to the growth and challenge of this obstacle. My whole career has been about overcoming obstacles, and so as my career comes to close over the next few years, it’s only fitting that I have to hurdle one more road block!

My journey and career has been very unique, so I'm glad to add this extra chapter to it, and still so excited to see how it all will end, because this def isn't the end of my career.  I won't be going out on an injury note! I always find the greatest personal growth comes through great trials and challenges! So as much as it drives me absolutely crazy to sit out, because I do miss playing the game I love, I cherish the opportunity to become a better human being and stronger woman through the process! 

Just like a rose has to push through some fertilizer (or another word for fertilizer, lol) to get to the sunlight to blossom, so do we as people sometimes have to drudge through some thick and difficult resistance to grow into the person that we're supposed to be.  Trials and tribulations are always building perseverance, patience, and character, like building blocks that always get us to the next level and over the next hurdle that life throws at us! 

Our resiliency is what will determine whether we melt under the heat, or we allow the heat to mold us into something else greater.  When we've made it through the heat, the cool makes us stronger and harder than we were before the fire ever touched us!  I choose to allow the heat to mold and bend me, as I walk towards the cool that will make me stronger than ever before.

Resiliency is what separates those of us who sink, or those of us who choose to swim when life's waves are pulling us under. I choose to swim like hell. So whatever life is throwing at you at the moment, choose to walk, choose to swim, choose to keep moving forward, choose to push back and fight! But make up your mind to not break, just bend a little till you've regained your strength and come out of your obstacle more resilient than you were before!! 



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